Greetings Team Stryker fans! I trust everyone had an incredible weekend. I was planning on seeing The Dark Knight Rises but I couldn’t get away from work long enough to sit through a 3 hour movie. I’ve been hearing mostly positive things so I’m excited to see it. I do feel that the Dark Knight movies are talked about a little too much for my taste. After The Dark Knight it just feels like everyone likes these movies because its the cool thing to do, not because they are great films. I enjoyed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but I don’t find them to be the most exciting movies to watch. I know its impossible to compare but I had chills the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes of Avengers as it was like a child hood dream coming true. While I haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises I do know that I never once got that same feeling watching BB or TDK. Hopefully TDKR can change all that. I’ll be going on Tuesday with Sabrina so I’ll be able to give my full impression on Thursdays post.

Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend and I will see you back here on Thursday!