It’s Thursday and I’m feeling fine! I ended up leaving work early on Monday as I was having an uncomfortably hard time breathing and wasn’t much use to my boss or customers. Luckily I had both Tuesday and Wednesday off so I was able to relax and I’m back at 100% to bring you another page of Team Stryker!

Today’s page is a very special one as there are actually 3 variations of this page. The version you see here is the one that will be in the printed version but there are two alternate versions with different pick up lines. There were so many options for cheesy pick up lines that I had to make several versions just to fit them all in! There is even a page where Casanova mixes up pick up lines (my personal favourite). You’ll be able to find the alternate versions on the Team Stryker Twitter and Facebook pages!

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to come on Monday for the conclusion of Team Stryker Mission 002!