Happy New Team Stryker day everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic week and enjoyed the newest page of Team Stryker Mission 003. Today’s page was a joke in the making ever since V-Scope disappeared during the raptor battle on page 11. I’ve always loved the idea of having characters that can disappear for multiple pages and have the story of their return be funnier than anything I could have drawn. After every page I get a better feel for each character and what they would do in any situation which has made writing just as much fun as drawing them. My other goal is to make Jeffery II the complete opposite of Jeffery from his looks to the way his side of the conversation unfolds through V-Scope. I would love to one day do a crossing of the Jefferies and see who comes out on top.

We have just 3 pages left of Mission 003 so you don’t want to miss a page! Tune in on Monday to see if Team Stryker makes it back to the present!