Happy Wednesday Team Stryker fans! Today is a Team Stryker first as it’s the first (of many) Wednesday updates. Updating twice a week just wasn’t enough fun for me so I hope by updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have enough fun posting pages and you have enough fun reading them. Inking is a stage in comics that is greatly overlooked but I’m hoping that by showing the inks on Wednesdays and the pencils on Friday you can see how different they are and how much effort goes into all stages of making a comic like Team Stryker.

Inking this cover was a real joy as I got to play around a lot with line depth and thickness since the characters take up 75% of the page. The bigger the characters the more variation in depth you can have. For a standard page I usually go between 0.05, 0.2, or a .3 pen for outlines and details but with a cover or splash page I can use my 0.5 and even a 0.8 pen to really give it some depth. The background was a challenge as things can get really boring with a brick wall so I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t perfect and had enough detail and texture to not look like a flat surface.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this look into the inking process of the Mission 004 cover and I’ll see you all back on Friday for the pencils!