Welcome to the first ever Team Stryker Friday! As a special treat to get you through this last day before the weekend here are the pencils to the cover of Mission 004. This cover went through several versions with a lot of trial and error thrown in for good measure. I did several thumbnails of totally different ideas including them being on a poster for a concert, Casanova coming out of a limo with the rest of Team Stryker entourage. I eventually landed on the idea of them dressing up as different types of hipsters/posers. I then had to think hard about what would a group of diverse hipsters/posers do? The answer: nothing. From my experience most hipsters tend to stand around doing nothing while complaining about everything that is wrong with everything. The big challenge came from making sure each member of Team Stryker was still recognizable when dressed up like a hipster as their uniform is a huge part of their personality.

This wraps up our first week of Mission 004! What do you think about the new format? Is there anything else you would like to see from me and Team Stryker? Let me know on Twitter and on Facebook!