Happy Monday Team Strykerites! Today’s page was very exciting for me to do as I hadn’t drawn an interior page of a Team Stryker comic since 2010. I was very nervous to start it as you never know what can happen in the span of 3 years. Coloring the page was probably my favorite part of making this page as I’ve learned so many new techniques during the course of coloring Mission 001-003 so it was a lot of fun applying those tricks to every page of 004. One of the hardest part was coming up with former hipster names. It’s easy to just take someone’s name and change it but it can be difficult to change it cleverly. Britney Spheres is my favorite.

This page is also the debut of Team Stryker commander General Strongbottom. Strongbottom is a mixture of any old, grizzled commander that’s best days are behind him. From Nick Fury to Venture Bros General Treister I wanted him to be an homage while still being an original character. You’ll get to know Strongbottom over the course of the issue and hopefully he becomes one of your favorite characters (I know he is for me).

Have a great start to your week and don’t forget to share Team Stryker with your friends!