Happy Monday everyone! Today is your first look at Team Stryker in The Big Apple! I wanted to make sure that Justine Beaver’s arrival would be a page you won’t soon forget and to do that I had to cram as much paparazzi into every panel (complete with camera flashes galore). Coloring this page took a lot of time due to the sheer amount of characters on the page. Usually I just have Team Stryker and the villain they are fighting, but for this page I had to have paparazzi, reporters, Team Stryker and Justine Beaver all fighting for the spot light. It’s always a fun challenge setting up crowds interacting with the main characters as you really have to control where the focus of the page is going. People can get lost very easily when doing crowd scenes so special care has to be taken in keeping TS and Justine Beaver firmly in the spot light.

Speaking of the spot light, Justine Beaver was really fun to write as I had to get into the mind of spoiled valley girl celebrity would think/talk. My theory is that so many people today spend more time texting than they do talking and would probably talk they way they text. I hope you’re all caught up on your text slang!

Have a great start to the week and don’t miss out on the behind-the-scenes look at today’s page on Wednesday!