Happy Friday everyone! With the weekend upon us I thought I would kick start the party with the pencils to page 05! My favorite part of this had to be drawing my friend Ryan as the paparazzi with the two cameras. It’s always so much fun when I can infuse Team Stryker with the people in my life in one way or another. Team Stryker wouldn’t exist it if wasn’t for my friends at art school and me taking photos of ourselves and Photoshopping them. The deal I made with Ryan is that he will get his own fully fleshed out character in a future issue of Team Stryker. That is going to be a very fun issue to draw.

The Calgary Comic Expo is just one week away! If you’re in Calgary and plan on attending be sure to stop by the Team Stryker booth and say hi! I’ll be there all weekend working on ┬áthe early stages of Mission 005! Hope to see you there.