Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is ready for their behind-the-scenes look at page 05. This was a really fun page to ink (anytime I get to ink Eagleheart’s chest hair is a good page). It was a nice change of pace not having many backgrounds after doing a couple pages of more complex shots. Characters will always be my favorite subjects to draw but I never want to have that limit what I can and can’t draw. There are lots of webcomics and books out there that neglect backgrounds just because they aren’t their favorite thing. I would feel like I was cheating all of you if I didn’t have backgrounds and just drew the things I like. I want to push myself with each issue so you guys keep coming back week after week for more Team Stryker action!

The Calgary Comic Expo is just 10 days away! I will be there spreading the word about Team Stryker. If you’re in the area be sure to come find me in Artist Alley and pick of Mission 001-003 in paperback!