Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry there was no update yesterday as it was Victory Day here in Canada and I got caught up in sitting around in my boxers all day enjoying the sunshine. I’ll make it up to you with this epic page of Team Stryker! Now that all the players are on stage we are all set for a rumble. Today’s page sees Eagleheart face-off against Piers in a battle of what’s a bigger threat hippies or Piers’s mom’s “friend” Jared. The idea of Piers using CD’s as weapons came very early on and the name Filthy Condors came to me via the talented Max Dunbar who used the name for his Rockband band name several years ago. It had the perfect feel for a garage band that has only sold a couple of records.

Anytime I get to have Eagleheart talk about past missions is always a highlight for me writing-wise. Whether he is talking a war that actually happened like WW2 or battling radioactive baboons it’s very fun to write. The Transformers animated movie from 1986 is my favorite movie of all time and Kup has become a bit of inspiration for Eagle. When you have seen that much battle, it’s hard not to compare one mission to another.

Have a good start to your shortened week and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!