Good morning everyone! Time for your second Team Stryker update in as many days. After doing this page I have extreme respect for anyone that has to ink Captain America as I could see that shield being a nightmare. Drawing 3 CD’s flying at an angle is something that is very hard to keep in perspective. I had to use a bunch of little cheats to make sure it looked right. Inking blood is always fun as I know that when I color it the outline is going to be changed to red which means I can really make it ‘pop’ and stand out. For some reason blood looks a lot more innocent when it has a red outline and is brighter than it should be. I want Team Stryker to be able to be enjoyable for as many people as I can so I have to make sure that it’s never too violent that mom’s wouldn’t want to get it for their 12 year old.

Have a great Wednesday and don’t miss out on seeing the pencils to Mission 004 page 10 on Friday!