TGITSD (Thank God it’s Team Stryker Day) everyone! Take a break from planning your weekend and come and check out the pencils to page 10 of Mission 004. The idea of Eagleheart getting pinned to a wall by CDs was something I had in my notebook since I first came up with the idea of the Hip Squad. I have a notebook with pages full of random ideas that would soon fill the pages of Mission 004. All the hipster’s weapons, looks and even some dialog are all written down as bullet points at some point. Then it was just a matter of putting all those thoughts into a story that makes sense (as much a Team Stryker story can make sense). I wanted to make sure that every character, villain or hero, got a moment to shine in this issue. With such a large cast it’s hard to give everyone balanced screen time and there will always be a few characters that get more attention than others. Deadeye only has a few lines of dialog this entire issue but he sure makes his presence known when he is on the page.

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back on Monday for the newest page of Team Stryker Mission 004!