Happy Monday Team Stryker fans! Today’s page is a showcase that bigger is not always better. With so many characters in this issue I wanted to make sure that some characters didn’t get lost or didn’t have a moment to showcase their skills. For the fights I wanted each page to focus on a one on one battle that way two characters get their moment to shine.

It was really fun writing dialog for Freedom. I had to think hard what any 18 year old girl born in 1994 would say to someone who she thought was a conformist while not really knowing what a conformist is. Hopefully her sounding like she is full of hot air reads as intentional and not me having no idea what I’m talking about. Deadeye doesn’t have to say much since he is such a commanding presence with his height and size. I have to make sure that I try to keep his height consistent with everyone else. I was worried that pitting the smallest hipster against the tallest member of Team Stryker wouldn’t work but I’m happy with how the fight turned out.

Have a great start to the week and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!