Time to get our ink on! This was one of those pages were determining the light source was a constant struggle since they are battling on a stage where one character has his back turned to the main light source. I never want to have one character completely shrouded in darkness but I also don’t want it to feel like they are outside in a park. I spent a lot of time trying maximize the blacks while still making sure you can see all the important details ( faces, expressions, muscles, etc) so you don’t lose track of where everyone is.

So I’m about 8 hours into The Last of Us and it is probably the best 8 hours of single player I’ve ever played. Naughty Dog as truly created a new genre with their Action Survivor game. It’s equal parts exciting and terrifying. I’m amazed how well they can handle the switch between being in a basement scared to death of what might be around the corner to being in an exciting gun battle with a group of hunters. If you own a PS3 there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t own The Last of Us. If you already own it tell me your thoughts in the comments below!