TGIF Team Stryker fans! Calgary is under a state of emergency right now as we have massive floods all over the city. We are usually a very dry town but we’ve had rain almost every day in June and we aren’t designed for that. My parents and several friends have all be evacuated to less high risk areas. I’m just dreading the dozens of phone calls I’m going to receive from my day job over this. I manage a condo complex with over 300 units and this weekend I’m on call for at least another 300. Hopefully it doesn’t get in the way of my Team Stryker time.

Today’s page was complicated as I have several fast camera movements and had to make sure that it was very clear what was going on while still making it fun and exciting to read. The idea of using headphones as a weapon was one of the first ideas I had written down for this issue and I was very excited to finally get to put it in. I wasn’t sure if just a panel with headphones flying across the page would be dynamic enough but I think the ridiculousness of it helps.

Have a great weekend and for all my friends in Calgary stay dry and keep safe.