TGIF Team Stryker fans! Congrats on making to the end of the week. Happy Black Friday to all the American Team Stryker fans. I usually try to get most of my Christmas shopping done before the madness of Black Friday hits but I can’t deny how tempting they make some of their sales. The only gift I need right now is more time! I have several projects on the go as well as my full time and spending time with my friends and family.

Speaking of friends and family, I did another episode of The Wombmates this week that you all should check out. I hang out with James and Jason and we talk about all things nerdy. From indie comics, movies and the future of video games we’ve got you covered. Hopefully I haven’t worn out my welcome because it’s so much fun getting to hang out with two passionate and talented guys and talk about the hobbies we love.

Have a good weekend and don’t miss out on the first ever musical edition of Team Stryker coming on Monday!