Happy Friday Team Stryker fans! Sorry for the late post as I’m in Kalisbell, Montana and it has been harder to find a decent wifi signal than I originally thought. I’m posting this while Sabrina is grabbing Starbucks. We’ve been driving/shopping nonstop of the past two days and I can’t decide if my feet are more tired from walking or my butt is more tired from driving. We are going to be hanging out in the states for a another couple of days and then heading back to Alberta before Monday.

As for today’s page, this was one of the harder covers I’ve done so far especially since Mission 005’s cover was a parody which made it MUCH easier to design. To do this cover I did roughs of each character on a separate page and then scanned them all in so I could move them around and get them into the perfect spots. I designed and drew both covers at the same time to ensure that there wouldn’t be any surprises when Mission 007 rolls out. I’ve already seen both covers side by side and if you like this half then you’re in for a treat!

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back on Monday when Mission 006 really blasts off!