Good morning! I’m back from Montana and ready to unleash my first ever two page spread! I wanted to go big with this issue so I’m pulling out all the stops and have all the great things you would find in a traditional comic. There is a LOT more set up that goes into making a two page spread than a normal page so I made sure to give myself lots of time so that I got it right. It took several tries just to be able to line up the two pages correctly. Once the pages are together I had to make sure that I leave enough space in the middle of the page for when I print the book so no important dialog gets cut off. Once that is all set and done I could focus on starting the issue with a literal blast!

This week I’ll be updating Team Stryker on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as I have an extra update for this page so don’t miss out!


Update: People have been requesting to see the full sized version of the two page spread so you can find that here. Enjoy!