Good morning Team Stryker fans! I wanted today’s page to feel like it was something out of “Armageddon” or any other space themed movie where the crew does the triumphant walk towards the shuttle. It can be hard to pull off slo-mo in a comic so I wanted to make sure that Casanova mentioned exactly how I wanted the page to feel. You can never tell if people know that you are trying to do something intentional so I had to make it perfectly clear that this was meant to feel like movie.

Having V-Scope already waiting in the shuttle was something I planned from the beginning of the issue. With V-Scope never attending the mission briefings I have to keep finding ways to have him already be ready to go completely by coincidence. Drawing the outside and inside of the space shuttle took some research and a lot of patience as it’s not something I’m used to drawing. I never want to shy away from the challenge and hopefully it will just make the art stronger and stronger with each issue.

Have a great start to the week and I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday!