This marks the first time in what feels like FOREVER that I’ve been able to update Team Stryker with two new pages in as many weeks. Now that all the drawings are complete I should be able to get finished pages out at a much faster rate.

Today’s page continues the Casanova/She-Cann ongoing flirt fest that we last saw waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in Mission 002. I love the idea of Casanova being so distracted by his own ego. The more I draw and write Team Stryker the more I get to naturally flesh out each character which is one of the most compelling things for me as a creator. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t just draw Spider-Man or Batman and for me it’s because I don’t get to flesh out those characters. Batman and Spider-Man are pretty much set in stone where Team Stryker is still in its infancy (even at 10 years old) that there’s unlimited potential for it to grow in may exciting new ways.

I’ll do my best to have a new page up for you next week so keep checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic for all your Team Stryker updates.