TEAM STRYKER IS BACK! After a far too long hiatus Team Stryker is back with a brand new issue for everyone. Up front I apologize for the long delay between finishing Mission 011 and unveiling Mission 012. I didn’t want to start posting to the site until I could ensure that once I start posting I can keep updating the site on a regular basis. The good news is the ENTIRE issue already drawn. From here on out all I have to do is to continue to ink and colour each page before posting it to the site. On previous issues I was having to draw, ink, colour, post each week and that can be a real strain on me and the series so I hope this gives me time to give you the comic you all deserve.

Mission 012 is titled “Ski Lift to Death” which is a tribute to my father who was in a 70’s movie with that same name. A few years ago our family even tracked down the movie (renamed to a much more boring Snowblind) and watched it with him. When I decided to take Team Stryker I knew I had to name it after his 15 minutes of fame.

Now that Team Stryker is back be sure to check back every week and follow Team Stryker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic for all your updates!