Happy hump day! Today’s page was  real challenge to ink since I have a complicated exterior shot of Madison Square Garden as well as an extreme close up of General Strongbottom’s magnificent mustache. When doing the pencils for MSG I tried to be as thorough as possible so that when it came time to ink it there wasn’t much guess work. The only I really tweaked on the fly were the limos parked out front. Trying to get cars and a building in the same shot  can be challenging and I had to adjust the limos to make sure they didn’t look like they were floating or coming in on a hill.

Strongbottom’s mustache was a much more fun challenge as I had to try and make sure it look soft and strong at the same time as there is nothing sadder than a limp mustache. I added a lot more texture to it during the inking process to really help give it some definition. He is a really fun character to draw and I can’t wait to have him back in another Mission.

Have a great rest of the work week and be sure to check back on Friday for the pencils to Team Stryker Mission 004!